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Late Pick Up Policy

Effective July 1, 2019

Our teachers are required to be on time and prepared to teach class at their scheduled class time. We are asking parents to pick up their children on time as well. There will be a $5-dollar late fee for every five minutes that you are late picking up your child from class. You are given a 4-minute grace period.


Class ends at 6:30

You arrive at 6:35 You now owe a $5-dollar late fee and $1 for each additional minute after the first 5 minutes. You are required to sign your child out on the Late Pick Up Sign Out Sheet if you arrive 5 minutes late picking up your child. Please do not round the time up or down. Be sure to enter the exact time. This is to make sure that you enter the time you are late, and no additional late fees are imposed in error.


It is not the responsibility of the dance teacher to care for your student after their class is over. I am sure when your work shift is over you are ready to leave and if you are unable to leave you expect to receive overtime pay. This is a way to compensate the dance teachers when they provide care for your children when you are late picking them up.

We all understand that situations may come up and that is okay. Please be prepared to compensate the teacher for extending their shift to care for your child.

We hope that you understand this change that we must make in the studio. 


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