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Studio Policy & Guidelines


All JDC Students will be held to the highest standards of conduct. Communicating negatively about anyone in or outside our studio will not be tolerated. All students are expected to show courtesy and respect to all instructors and other students. Any student who exhibits repeated negative or disrespectful behavior will be asked to leave.


Dancers should always display respectful, supportive, encouraging, positive attitude and behavior.

All dancers must come to class ready to learn. Running around and playing during class is not tolerated. There will be no talking during class. 

No cell phones during practice-Cell phones will be confiscated and parents must pick up phone from instructor


No chewing gum in class


Dress Code

All team members must follow the dress code for practice. The dress code is black dance bottoms and a black tank/form-fitting shirt. Jeans, big T-shirts, and pajama pants will not be allowed. Proper dance shoes must be worn. Hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail. Those who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to practice.


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